Physical Security Risk Assessment Form: This is used to check and assess any physical threats to a person’s health and security present in the vicinity. We can help you use your resources wisely and effectively to best manage your specific situation. Contact us today. How well is the organization positioned to prevent the incident? Do you keep checks in place for personnel in the building after hours? Are they fully functional? By this time, the company has lost not only dollars but may have taken a hit to their reputation and harmed consumer trust. Each facility survey will consist of a walk through and inspection of all areas of the building, totaling 86 different points of inspection. Review the comprehensiveness of your systems. It takes an expert to make sure that you’re optimizing your physical security system for the unique needs of your building or facility. Finally, our experts pinpoint vulnerabilities and corrections that would have the most significant impact on reducing your risk. You might consider camera blind spots, doors to secure areas that are too easy to access, or a lack of personnel dedicated to security. Your first step is to know your risks. Typically, within about ten days, you will receive a draft written report that outlines the existing conditions, findings and recommendations.  Like any group of action items, it is always better to have things put in order.  BPS has several methods to prioritize recommendations to assist you in implementation and putting first things first.  After you have had a chance to review the draft report, if there are any edits that need to be made, BPS will make those quickly and return a final report to you with a detailed implementation plan. Physical security risk assessment of threats including that from terrorism need not be a black box art nor an intuitive approach based on experience. Implement many improvements without a capital investment. After the initial risk is assigned and for those highest scoring scenarios BPS works to identify options for reducing risk ideally to a moderate level of risk and out of the high and critical levels where they may exist today.  They key is our extensive knowledge on security risk management best practices that can be surgically applied to the areas with the highest existing risk.  After considering a variety of mitigations and assuming those were implemented, BPS will rescore the risks to demonstrate the impact of recommended mitigation strategies. Increasingly, rigor is being demanded and applied to the security risk assessment process and subsequent risk treatment plan. Ask yourself which risks are more likely to occur than others. We do not accept fees or commissions for referrals or product recommendations. But crime hasn’t gone completely digital and never will. Take steps now to put your organization in a better position to mitigate both known and potential attacks. (Management will sometimes react more rapidly to third party recommendations or those that are well supported with crime and other data analysis). Managing Editor. Consequences if an incident were to occur. It’s like sending out network assessment templates to everyone individually and … Security audits finds the security gaps and loopholes in the existing security mechanis… A crisis doesn’t have to be a catastrophe – if you are prepared. Learn where you can be victimized by criminals or terrorists. A risk assessment methodology has been refined by Sandia National Laboratories to assess risk at various types of facilities including US Mints and federal dams. To ensure the effectiveness of facility or physical security assessments, FSOs should consider these key points in a facility security assessment checklist: Identify current assets and potential risks. For example, janitors may leave doors unlocked or propped open for convenience. For example, at a school or educational institution, they perform a Physical Security Risk Assessment to identify any risks for trespassing, fire, or drug or substance abuse. Social Engineering Assessment Services PA - Social Engineering Assessment - The old saying that you are only as good as your weakest point is absolutely true- especially when factoring in the "people" aspect of IT security. Is it too easy to enter and exit your facility? It also focuses on preventing application security defects and vulnerabilities.. See our Code of Ethics for more details. Identify holistic mitigation strategies to reduce security risk to people, assets and information. In fact, a high percentage of their recommendations required no capital expenditures. Initiate a request for information from the Client to gather relevant documents to support the project. Copyright Business Protection Specialists, Inc 2020 All Rights Reserved. Utilization of this transparent methodology will enable you to make cost/benefit decisions. The last stage of your assessment should address your security systems. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) recognizes that conducting a risk assessment can be a challenging task. Secure funding for security improvements by making a compelling business case. BPS security risk assessments focus on best industry practices and your specific site environment. Preparedness to prevent an incident from occurring. BPS looks at a broad range of industry-recognized concerns, including OSHA’s General Duty Clause requirement to provide a place of employment that is “free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm.”. A site assessment includes the immediate area or neighborhoods around your business. All organizations face some degree of physical threat, whether from crime, natural disasters, technological incidents or human error. must have a reliable way of estimating risk to help them decide how much security is needed at their facility. BPS conducted a security risk assessment and developed a very practical security master plan (with options), with which our County Administrators and Legislature could agree to move forward. A security risk assessment identifies, assesses, and implements key security controls in applications. Physical security management and physical security assessments can look similar at first glance, but they are unique in certain fundamental ways. An Intelligent Physical Security Risk Assessment Platform . Doors that no longer lock properly, gates that don’t latch, or even problems with a bathroom window are open loops that increase your risk. Assess Threats and Vulnerability: After considering a list of risks to your business, your next step is risk analysis and threat identification. Facility assessments take a look at any vulnerabilities in your physical buildings or other structures. Don’t wait for a security breach before you reevaluate safety procedures in the workplace. Leadership can then prioritize assets and apply physical security resources in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. The Physical Security Systems (PSS) Assessment Guide provides assessment personnel with a detailed methodology that can be used to plan, conduct, and closeout an assessment of PSS. 4. Review Facility Operating Procedures: Physical Security Risk Assessment By taking a risk-based approach to assessing physical security, you can focus your efforts and realize the greatest return on investment for your security initiatives and expenditures. Benefits of Having Security Assessment. Security Risk Assessment Tool What is the Security Risk Assessment Tool (SRA Tool)? Typically, 80% of BPS’ security risk assessment recommendations can be implemented without expending capital. This methodology serves to promote consistency, ensure thoroughness, and enhance the quality of the assessment process. A good security assessment is a fact-finding process that determines an organization’s state of security protection. The recommendations you made were realistic in relation to our day to day operations… You were sensible about the security trade-offs and you provided us with solid options for risk mitigation. Threat and vulnerability assessment . 3. Review Current Site and Facility Security: Your first step in assessing vulnerabilities is to take a look at your physical site and facilities. Read our blog on The Three Components of a Security Risk Assessment. Benefits of a Physical Security Risk Assessment Prevent incidents and criminal activity. The Physical Security Training Program (PSTP) is an introductory physical security training program designed to provide baseline knowledge of physical security systems and procedures as defined by the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) guidelines. BPS is ready to help. Identify Risk: Recently, Jefferson County, Colorado contracted with BPS to perform a security assessment of sixty county facilities. 5. Review Physical Security Systems: When reviewing the security of your physical location, start with functionality and maintenance. Then, consider any risks that your security measures do not address or only address to a bare minimum. Security Risk Assessment is the most up-to-date and comprehensive resource available on how to conduct a thorough security assessment for any organization. The firm’s personnel were very efficient and effective at identifying the specific security issues we face in a variety of facilities. But simply addressing analyzing risks won’t tell you which areas of your company are vulnerable. Use a physical security assessment checklist to inventory your business’s security measures and procedures. Performing an in-depth risk assessment is the most important step you can take to better security. Objective of assessment: To evaluate the condition of the physical security of the organization and to test the people responsible for providing physical protection to the employees, thereby suggesting measures for improvement. BPS has the knowledge and experience to guide you through the steps critical to assessing your security risk. Is it too easy for customers or unwanted personnel to enter secure areas? You demonstrated an understanding of our cultural and financial constraints in formulating your report. Review Current Site and Facility Security: Your first step in assessing vulnerabilities is to take a look at your physical site and facilities. Conducting a security risk assessment is a complicated task and requires multiple people working on it. To learn how to upgrade your physical security with measures like security doors or mantraps, contact our team at Isotec today. If not, you may be giving criminals easy access to your building. Physical security is exactly what it sounds like: Protecting physical assets within your space. Just like risk assessment examples, a security assessment can help you be knowledgeable of the underlying problems or concerns present in the workplace.This document can enable you to be more prepared when threats and … In determining the level of preparedness for prevention and response, BPS will assess hundreds of individual elements of your security program during site inspections, interviews and documentation review. Reduce exposure to liability, manage risk, monitor and maintain security, and … The methodology is based on the traditional risk equation: Risk = PA*(l-PE)*C, With frequent warnings about hackers, digital theft, and general cybersecurity, it’s easy to overlook physical security as a concern of the past. Our experts know where to look for key weaknesses, whether those involve technology, staffing, regulatory issues, or even frivolous “inadequate security” allegations known as premises liability tort law. Conducting physical security risk assessments is one of the best ways to justify your value to your clients and show them the true effectiveness of your security services. Physical Security Consulting & Risk Assessment. Carrying out a risk assessment allows an organization to view the application … Identify to all stakeholders what needs to be protected, why and from whom. Let us help you eliminate crime before it happens with a simple physical security risk assessment project. Archangel Risk Consulting provides physical security risk assessment services and active shooter response training in San Jose CA and San Francisco Bay Area. Establish not only safety procedures but physical security measures that cover multiple threat levels. The best Security Risk Assessment projects today won’t give you binders of findings summaries: they’ll deliver the underlying data as the risk model you need to understand your entire risk picture at a glance, quickly identify your most at-risk locations, and instantly select the best measures on the market to effectively mitigate your risk. Risk can range from simple theft to terrorism to internal threats. BPS typically provides cost estimates for recommendations because leadership’s first question after receiving the recommendations and implementation plan is, “what is this going to cost?” By including the cost estimates with the report, you are ready to get started without delay in better protecting your people, assets and information. 1. Take these five steps to perform your own physical security risk assessment and protect your business: 1. The Three Components of a Security Risk Assessment. A Risk Assessment Methodology (RAM) for Physical Security Violence, vandalism, and terrorism are prevalent in the world today. Contact BPS today. Any aspects of your company that haven’t been maintained could pose a security threat. Every facility will have its own infrastructure and vulnerabilities to its security program. In addition, opportunities where costs can be reduced or where security operations can be made more efficient are identified. Is your staff trained in handling these situations? If you haven’t assessed your physical security risks in the past five years. Do you have procedures in place for in the event of a robbery or bomb threat? Managers and decision-makers must have a reliable way of estimating risk to help them decide how much security is needed at their facility. We've invested heavily in keeping up with the latest trends in technology, regulations, and best practices. For decades, BPS has approached security risk assessments by first measuring the relative security challenges of each specific environment. Though we feared we would get expensive, technology-based solutions, the recommendations from BPS to reduce identified risks were very practical and sensible. Linda McGlasson. A site assessment includes the immediate area or neighborhoods around your business. - Site by nothing but net solutions, Benefits of a Physical Security Risk Assessment, Overview of Your Security Risk Assessment Experience, Typical Security Risk Assessment Report Outline. To best optimize your security program, you first need to fully understand your current security risks. The next step is to identify the greatest risks at each site. Facility assessments take a look at any vulnerabilities in … This includes expensive equipment, sensitive files and hardware like electronic locks and doors. There is an increasing demand for physical security risk assessments in which the span of assessment usually encompasses threats from terrorism. While any business is at risk for crime, the crime likelihood differs, and you should scale your security measures up or down accordingly. Previous How to Perform a Physical Security Risk Assessment. As with many county governments, our funding availability for a security project is limited and we were very pleased with the results BPS delivered. Once you’ve identified omissions and vulnerabilities, you can update, repair and replace as needed. But crime hasn’t gone completely digital and never will. The physical security assessment process is the common thread used in teaching this program. Learn where you can be victimized by criminals or terrorists. Basic maintenance can go a long way in keeping a location security. By following these 5 steps, you can make the most out of your risk assessments and implement security solutions that will make a noticeable difference in your business. To gain an accurate picture of business vulnerabilities, you’ll need to complete steps three to five: review your site and facilities, operating procedures, and physical security systems. Both should take measures to deter crime, but the high crime neighborhood may choose to install mantrap systems or increase the visibility of their security personnel as a preventative measure. Most companies wait until they face a major threat, It is with great pride that we announce Isotec Security, Inc. has been classified as an essential business by the city of Westminster, Colorado. Frank will personally respond to your questions within 24 hours.  Ask The Expert and start Eliminating Crime Before It Happens. Consider changes you can make to your physical space to improve safety procedures such as security doors or safety entrances. Most companies wait until they face a major threat before conducting a physical risk assessment. Even if your exterior doors are locked, set procedures that ensure it is never too easy for anyone inside your building to access secure materials. During our recent security assessment, you and your team were sensitive to our culture in assessing our operations and security situation. In a physical security assessment, the availability, implementation and maintenance of the security systems are measured, while security management often maintains a security system on a daily basis. By taking a proactive approach to security, we’ll show you how to anticipate, prepare for and protect your assets from terrorism or nature borne disaster; before you become the next victim. Because we operate as an independent consultant, our evaluations and recommendations are completely objective. Once you’re aware of your strengths and vulnerabilities, you can take the necessary precautions for a more secure business. A bank in a high crime neighborhood will naturally require stricter safety procedures than one in a sleepy rural town. How likely is it an incident will occur? How bad will it be if the incident occurs? The outline below represents what you can expect in a typical security risk assessment report: BPS President and Certified Security Consultant Frank Pisciotta is ready to point you in the right direction.  With more than 29 years of experience in security consulting, Frank has helped thousands of corporations, manufacturers, governments and healthcare facility managers keep their people and products safe. You risk assessment will be planned in three phases: Risk is analyzed and score considering three elements per global risk assessment standards: Scoring the Final Risk for each Scenario.  Security scenarios for each facility or department will be scored on a scale of 3-15 and a risk classification assigned as shown in the matrix above. Risks that fall within this overlap – highly likely but not properly addressed – are your company’s vulnerabilities. Do they leave any gaps? A security assessment can take an objective look at the tools in place, identify where security is strong, and make recommendations on areas that need improvement. What is the best way to determine if your security is adequate? Collect crime data from local law enforcement and other relevant sources, Interview managers and other key stakeholders, Make a preliminary exit presentation on early findings and projected recommendations. Work with your staff to ensure your business isn’t left completely open to outsiders when no one is around to monitor. At STANLEY Security, we have years of experience providing complete security solutions to customers across the country. They may spend thousands of dollars on physical security controls, but don’t know whether they are the correct tools and if those tools were implemented correctly. After considering the physical security of your space, you should evaluate the procedures in place for your staff. Physical Security Assessment Form Halkyn Consulting Ltd Page 17 Document Control Information Title Physical Security Assessment Form Purpose Security Assessments Status Released Version Number 1.0 Policy Reference Version Control Version Date Changes Author 1.0 10 Feb 12 Initial Release Halkyn Consulting Ltd This will likely help you identify specific security gaps that may not have been obvious to … With frequent warnings about hackers, digital theft, and general cybersecurity, it’s easy to overlook physical security as a concern of the past. The Risk Based Methodology for Physical Security Assessments allows leadership to establish asset protection appropriate for the asset(s) value and the likelihood of an attempt to compromise the asset(s).