The Hondata performance tunes provide an increase of up to 30 HP and 40 lb-ft while maintaining excellent fuel economy and emissions.

27won turbo, Guidance/ Tips on Ignition Timing Tuning in Hondata Flashpro for Civic 1.5T, Power Per Liter Hondata Flashpro Basemap for Si-. - Will this work on R18s or automatics? The Honda tuning experts at Hondata just released a product that can dramatically increase the power coming from the 1.5-liter turbo-four found in the 10th-generation Civic (2016+). The only definitive way to get the most from any engine modifications you have made (such as air intake systems, exhaust systems, camshafts, supercharger, turbo etc) is to have the electronic control unit (ECU) in your car professionally tuned/mapped on a dyno with a Hondata engine management system. Multimedia clips showing the operation of the Hondata system (click to view). The Hondata dyno measured the Accord at 266 hp and 292 lb-ft of torque (both exceeded Honda's claims). I’m keen to purchase the FlashPro and dial up the performance a bit with a “Stage 1” and/or Stage 2 calibration but have been unable to determine the answer to this particular question. The FlashPro offers off-the-shelf maps for just about any level of modifications, including flex fuel. Honda's new 1… The new Hondata S300 Version 3 (white board) adds Bluetooth capabilities, ethanol sensor support, and the android and iOS mobile app which allows datalogging and engine operating parameter display directly on your mobile device wirelessly!We are proud to offer Hondata's top of the line tuning products like the Hondata Search × This tune has been tested to be reliable and track proven. "Stage" mapping seems to be common with VAG cars, e.g. The torque is amazing paired with the TSP stage 2 tune; it feels like driving a big go cart in a way. Our 10th gen Civic Si Stage 1 tune was created in 2017 with the Ososik Civic and refined throughout the years utilizing Hondata's latest software features. We are proud to announce that our “Stage 1” development on the FK8 Civic Type R is now complete! Civic Si 1.5L Turbo Stage 1 Tune For Hondata or Ktuner. The PowerMetrics tunes are intuitive and can be used immediately after download, unless mentioned otherwise. Stock - dark blue. Honda Civic Si Stage 1 Tune MAPerformance has been manufacturing, building and tuning modern fuel injected performance platforms since 2006 and from the moment we took our first test drive of the 2017 Honda Civic Si, we realized that Honda had really delivered a capable and fun platform. Stage 1 operates in all 4 dynamic modes and delivers a 10 hp increase everywhere. Honda Civic Si 1.5L Turbo Stage 1 Tune For Ktuner by MAPerformance MAPerformance has been manufacturing, building and tuning modern fuel injected performance platforms since 2006 and from the moment we took our first test drive of the 2017 Honda Civic Si, we realized that Honda had really delivered a capable and fun pl buy this intercooler, intake and then upload this "Stage 1" map, whereas this doesn’t really exist in the Honda scene. Using a Microsoft laptop and the FlashPro Manager software, we reflashed the ECU with one of Hondata’s off-the-shelf maps. 24,2017) Hondata revealed details on their newest and most powerful base map reflash for any 10th Gen Honda Civic equipped with Honda’s 1.5 Turbo engine. Flashpro’s +9 PSI basemap adds a whopping 35 HP and 50 lb-ft throughout the rev range. Stock power numbers were 265 horsepower, and 300 lb/ft of torque. Since those numbers are already impressive, it was time to see what the Stage 1 and Stage 2 tunes do. That's impressive! Stage 2 - Grey Adds 45 hp and 40 lb-ft torque . FlashPro Stage Tunes. Using Hondata's FlashPro device, the company claims gains of between 10-40 hp and has posted a dyno sheet of the Stage 1 tune that shows increases of about 10 hp and roughly 40 lb-ft. The pleats found in the factory hose makes disrupts air flow, which limits power potential and throttle response. Accord 6MT Stage 1. ... 10th Gen Civic Non Si 1.5T (M/T) Tune - Stage 2. Hondata and TSP Stage 1. We haven’t bothered using the factory tune to overlay with our tune as it was registering quite a bit of knock around the 3500-4000rpm range. Stage 2 delivers 36 lb-ft of mid range torque and 28 … Available Monday for download. Hondata Honda Engine Management. Hondata is the proven world leader in tuning Honda engines. The 6 psi tune adds 27 horsepower and 40 pound-feet of torque. We hope you enjoy shopping at Lightning Motorsports HONDATA Flashpro. 1… Even stock, the new turbo Civic is faster in the quarter-mile than the previous-generation Civic Si, so the extra performance should be impressive. Please Email us due to spam calls Gift Certificate; Login or Sign Up; 0. First off, this is a must have upgrade if are already tuned. Thank you for subscribing to the newsletter! Hondata. Daniel has been able to take that knowledge and experience to create stage tunes for enthusiast at all performance levels. R/T Tuning does, we have tuned them for a long time and you can’t go wrong using it on your Honda or Acura. Lecture 2019 Acura RDX Hondata FlashPro by Hondata Hondata tunes the turbocharged 2.0-liter Honda Accord midsize family sedan increases horsepower to 287 and torque to 377 pound-feet. Hondata FlashPro. Project 2018 Civic Si Pt. - CT supercharger Stage 1 owners may choose to upgrade directly to the FlashPro. FlashPro. Hondata's Flashpro is the ecu and fuel tuning device of choice for many many applications of Honda. Gas mileage has taken a hit but that is the nature of flex fuel. Recently, Hondata released its FlashPro for the newest Civic powered by the 1.5-liter turbo engine, and I had a chance to drive a Hondata-tuned 2017 Civic. $179.99. ... either Stage 1 or Stage … We started with the first performance map on 91-octane. MAPerformance has been manufacturing, building and tuning modern fuel injected performance platforms since 2006 and from the moment we took our first test drive of the 2017 Honda Civic Si, we realized that Honda had really delivered a capable and fun platform. I just wanted to share my thoughts after trying both tuner’s Stage 2 tunes in case anybody else is trying to decide which tune to go for with their 1.5T CVT Accord. FlashPro Stage Tunes. If you paid a deposit for a Stage II reflash, you will need to discuss upgrade options with whoever took your deposit as neither CT Engineering or Hondata take deposits. The PRL Motorsports Stage 1 Intake System offers great gains at an affordable price. According to Hondata on their official facebook post earlier this week (Apr. Then moved on to the S100, S200, S300, K-Pro, then FlashPro? Joined Jun 6, 2018 Messages 1,373 Reaction score 1,227 Location Midwest Car(s) 2020 Si Coupe 91 Talon TSI AWD 6262 280's N20 and 87 Buick Regal T … It is a nice power jump from TSP stage 1. Hi - I’m new to this forum and a have a stock 2018 Honda Accord 2.0 Sport with the 10 spd automatic. That means the Hondata-tuned Civic makes 20 more hp and 62 lb-ft. of torque more than the new Si, which uses a tuned version of the base car’s 1.5-liter engine. V - 27WON, Hondata, PRL, Cusco, & GReddy Waking up Honda's boosted 1.5L Hondata Flashpro ECU Tuning Device V2.0 (bluetooth enabled) Introducing the Hondata Flashpro, the ultimate tuning tool for your Honda or Acura. Of course, all of that effort was to showcase Hondata’s new toy: a FlashPro device with two stages. 1,289 Posts #2 • May 27, 2009. i would go stage 1 its a tad heavier than stock but you can beat on it more and have the peace of mind. Thread starter PowerPerLiter; Start date Feb 27, 2019; PowerPerLiter Specific Output. ... Hondata has developed a Race calibration which allows you to tune with the MAP sensor and bypass the limitations of the AFM sensor. These FlashPro maps are tuned specifically for specified vehicles. Starting with a baseline, Hondata developed two tunes.

• Traction Control Products Datalogging (if datalogging option is purchased). This kit replaces the corrugated factory inlet hose with our better looking, smoother flowing 4-ply silicone hose and high flow air filter. Honda engine computer tuner Hondata releases new tunes for the 2017 Honda Civic Si. According to dyno testing completed by Hondata, the FlashPro kit's 91-octane tune adds 33 horsepower and 39 lb.-ft. of torque over the stock output of 306 horsepower and 292 lb.-ft. of torque. This device plugs into your OBD-II port and gives you access to a plethora of options for tuning.

This information is provided for existing owners of Stage 2/3/4 Systems. Not only that, but peak torque is available even lower in the rev range than when the car is in Stage 1 tune. Stage 1- Green Adds 25 hp and 25 lb-ft torque. Stage 2 is configured for Stage 1 performance in snow and comfort and Stage 2 performance in Sport and Sport + modes. My experience with KTuner vs Hondata on 1.5T CVT (Touring) Disclaimer: I am not a tuner in any way, so I can’t comment on the individual settings and abilities of each software. Does anyone remember when Hondata had stage 1, stage 2, and stage 3?

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